Rachel and John | Savannah Engagement Photography

So this is a double whammy engagement session post for all of you today. It’s pretty epic if I do say so myself. Rachel and John basically just couldn’t get enough of me, so they booked two sessions! Alright, alright, it might have to do with the fact that they are incredibly chic and beautiful, and Rachel just couldn’t decide which dress to wear. Speaking of dresses… stunning right? I hope she doesn’t kill me for letting you all in on her secret, but that beautiful blush number? Thats from Rent the Runway. BRILLIANT IDEA RACHEL!!!! Who doesn’t want to wear a designer gown worthy of an A list celebrity for their engagement session? They have so many great dresses on that site, ranging from red carpet gowns, to wedding and bridesmaids dresses, to sparkly sequined party dresses. Ain’t nobody got time for making the money those dresses would cost to purchase. You’ve got a wedding to plan! Renting is a great way to keep your budget in line, all while feeling extra special.

Back to Rachel and John…. This lovely couple was just so much fun to shoot. For their day session, we chose a natural setting with access to the marsh and these amazing dead salt trees. The sunlight was perfect and we explored under some of the biggest oak trees I’ve ever seen. Rachel mentioned to me how good John was at pulling off the Don Draper vibe (I imagine minus the alcoholism, secret past, and wandering eye). Well I had no idea. The truth is, gentlemen, all you need is a suit and a genuine smile, and you’ll have the ladies swooning…. as John demonstrates. Rachel looked so etherial. Rachel’s style game was just so impressive, and seemed to be driven by glamour of an era gone by. She radiated grace, and I’ve never seen anyone anyone navigate hiking trails in 6 inch platform heels before (she’d tell you they were wedges, but they were every bit as tricky as heels). When she came to me with her inspiration for the night shoot, she showed me a bunch of documentary and studio stills from the 1940’s and 50’s of handsome couples and hollywood stars that looked like they were ripped from the pages of TIME magazine. I love this era of photography, and was very excited (and slightly terrified) for our night shoot. Night photography is not a niche that I explore often, but I’m very pleased with the results. We had great fun running around downtown, and Savannah, a perfect backdrop for any era. Shout out to The Collins Quarter for letting us shoot in their beautiful cafe, Alison, for hooking me up with some light, and my buddy Doug, who filled in as a last minute light assistant, and endured me ordering him around, something I know he hated.

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