Meredith and Ian – Destination Engagement Photography – Hobart, Australia

For those of you who don’t know, I just got back to Savannah after a month of exploring Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. This amazing trip wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this cute couple booking me to shoot their Tasmania wedding.

Let’s back up for a second. The beautiful girl you see here is my cousin, Meredith. Well she asked me to shoot her wedding…. in Australia…. where she lives. I leapt at my first international wedding (family counts right??) like I was Mario leaping over a venus fly trap. Following Mer and Ian’s stunning wedding in Hobart, I was to then travel for another… get this… MONTH! It was amazing, and fun, and fabulous, but I will reserve most of that gushing for the picture post that will hopefully happen here sometime in the next few weeks.

Back to Meredith and Ian. Mer was the cousin who I tortured in our youth. She’s the youngest girl you see, and her older sister and I did everything we could to make sure she knew her place in the pecking order. We locked her in closets, and got her in trouble, and put gum in her hair. Somehow Meredith survived all of this and became an incredible, beautiful, and thoughtful young woman with few resentments. There was a large gap in our relationship between childhood and adulthood because Meredith chose to spend her last few years of high school in her father’s homeland of Australia. She continued on to the University of Tasmania where she met a handsome young law student named Ian. Ian is a great kid. Smart, sweet, and loves our “Mer-Bear” with all of his being. He visited me here in Savannah while on holiday with his own cousin, and I had the opportunity to get to know (ie interrogate) him. I was impressed with his easy going personality and I knew he’d balance with Meredith well. They are a great “yin and yang” couple.

For their engagement session we decided to start by visiting the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens. We followed that up with a casual walk through Hobart’s famous Battery Point┬áneighborhood. I think it was a fun and romantic afternoon for Mer and Ian, and I hope they love the result!

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