Ivory + Beau and Elaya Vaughn Editorial – Spring 2014

This spring I was given the wonderful opportunity of photographing an editorial for Ivory + Beau, a bridal boutique and event planner here in Savannah. They are quite clever in introducing pop up shops (click here to view their schedule), in which a designers full collection is showcased and available for purchase in store. I really love what these women are doing with their shop. They feature many incredible and unusual designers, many of which have a personal connection to Savannah (often through SCAD). This brings us to the incredibly talented Katelyn Pankoke, designer and owner of Elaya Vaughn Bridal. Katelyn came through Savannah to visit Ivory and Beau and offer her entire line to be seen, felt, and tried on. We decided to get in a photo shoot while she was here. Katelyn was recently married here in Savannah, at the very location we did the shoot, Brockington Hall. Katelyn, pictured in the last image with one of our models, might look familiar as she was a recent contestant on Project Runway who was continually commended by judges for her talent and skills. The Elaya Vaughn dresses, to me, evoke a modern antebellum feeling. The beautiful southern mansion might have helped to lend that feeling. The dresses are dramatic, daring, and feminine, and the Elaya Vaughn collection really has something for every kind of girl. A special thanks to Adrienna, Nicole, Katelyn, and Candace.

Location: Brockington Hall 

Gowns and Accessories by: Elaya Vaughn Bridal

Styling and Florals by: Ivory + Beau

Hair and Makeup by: Michelle Royal Makeup Artistry

Balloons by: Art Pop Balloons

Models: Sara Warren, Courteney Boles, Shelby Bittinger

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Humor and Humility… A lesson in going viral

So we’ve all seen them posted on Facebook. Internet memes that go something like “Worst Wedding Photos” or “25 Embarrassing Engagement Photos”. I’ve often laughed with the rest of you at the poor bride whose strapless dress betrays her as she’s throwing doves into the air, or the tiny bride floating in a computer graphic bubble above the groom’s head. They are hilariously awful.

And then one day this shows up on my Facebook wall from someone I can’t recall, ”Hey, isn’t one of the photos in this link yours?” followed by a link to a very funny, and very popular blog. The title of the post was “Bad Engagement Photos’ blog lets you mock the love and joy of others”. I click the link (which you can click for yourself here) And sure enough, there is my photo. This photo:

View More: http://alexissweetphotography.pass.us/shraddhaandwill

You might be asking yourself, “uhmmmmm, does that say welcome to my butthole?” Yes. Yes it does.

I wanted to die. All of the blood rushed out of my head. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I thought, “How will my fabulous couple react to this being on this site?!?!?!”

Some back story on this couple, and this photo. Shraddha and Will are some of the most fabulous clients I ever expect to have in my career. Check out their vibrant multicultural wedding here. Both have a wicked sense of humor and wit, and they were so incredibly game to do anything and everything, so long as it was fun and they could laugh. The couple lives in Brooklyn, so they wanted to recreate a gritty, urban feel in their photos taken here in Savannah. We found this awesomely colorful location full of beautiful and artistic street art…. with a few duds mixed in. Shraddha and Will have a tradition of taking cheesy romantic photos in front of crude graffiti, so who was I to deny their request when they saw this poignant message. I mean…. obviously, we did what we had to do.

Come to find out through reading the caption (duh) that Will himself had submitted their own photo to the website (original site here). So many things ran through my head at once. They ranged from “Oh my god, thank god they don’t hate the work”, to “HOW DARE HE?!?!?! (hulk voice)” , to “thankfully someone else didnt find it and submit it”, to “That’s the most bleepin’ hilarious thing I’ve ever heard of.” Shraddha delicately contacted me the next day with apologies and nervous giggles. I assured her I was not upset.

Ultimately, it was the most bleepin’ hilarious thing I’d ever heard of. I mean… come on… not to take the picture would have been sinful. Shraddha and Will LOVE this photo. They even asked to have it included in their album. I get the sense that Will beams with pride whenever someone recognizes him from his viral “bad engagement” photo. Every time I see that photo on the internet (and trust me, it’s made it’s rounds), I feel like giving myself a little wink. It makes me smile. I am so thankful for having fun, creative, exciting, and bold clients. I’m also thankful that I’m not the type of photographer who won’t take a photo for a couple because its not “artistically fulfilling, or aesthetically pleasing”. The heart wants what the heart wants, people. Who am I to deny anyone’s dreams?

So, its not like I have anything to prove to anyone…. I mean… obviously. That’s totally not why I’m posting some other photos from Will and Shraddha’s engagement session. It’s not like I need to disprove the whole “bad engagement photo” title or anything. I’m just throwing these in for the fun of it;)

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Stacey and Alex – Savannah Engagement Photography

This charming couple would be the fabulous Stacey and Alex. They were so fun to work with! Alex and Stacey met in vetrinary school and their love blossomed through 80 hour work weeks together. They live in Tampa, and when faced with a weekend off together they promptly hauled their butts to Savannah to enjoy our beautiful city. Naturally they thought of using this time together to knock out their engagement session in such a pretty place. Both of them were very enthusiastic about Savannah’s historical and grand architecture, so most of our session focused on capturing that in the areas surround Forsyth Park. We finished up at the Forsyth Park band stand (otherwise known as Savannah’s largest reflector, for my photographer friends). We just goofed around and laughed a lot. I’m really very disappointed that this couple doesn’t live here. I think I would have been calling them to grab drinks out all the time. I have THE BEST clients. Congratulations and have a beautiful wedding my friends!

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Ashley and Drew – Savannah GA Engagement Photography

Ashley and Drew were so loving to one another. Like…. so loving that I had to remind them to look at the camera because they were so focused on one another. It was so sweet. We pounded the pavement of downtown Savannah and ended up making our way to Six Pence Pub, where Ashley and Drew met on a pub crawl. It seems the stars aligned that night, as neither Ashley, nor Drew would consider themselves regular pub crawlers. After that we headed off to Forsyth Park to grab some fountain photos. It had been so overcast all day, and just as we were were finishing up, the sun popped out for just a few minutes before setting to give us just a few twinkles and sparkles. I’m pretty sure these two are each other’s good luck charm.

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Lauren and Mike – Charleston, SC – Destination Engagement Photography

Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to Lauren and Mike. You might recognize them from my most recent Facebook contest. Lauren and Mike came in third thanks to the many many votes from their friends and family! I headed up to Charleston on a beautiful spring day for the engagement session. Lauren attended school in Charleston (the couple currently lives in cold and snowy Chicago), and decided she wanted to grab some photos on the beautiful  College of Charleston campus. We followed that up with a nice walk along the water front. It was a bit chilly out, but I think we all had a really fun time galavanting around. Enjoy their cute engagement session, and please feel free to leave the couple some love in the comments section.

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Kathy Cemate - February 19, 2014 - 8:16 pm


linda janaulis - February 20, 2014 - 12:36 am

Really enjoyed your beautiful photos…love TJ and Linda

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